Among the several issues that homeowners face in Highland Village, moss growth on the roof is very common as the rains and thunderstorms get frequent. If not attended properly, moss can burrow into the shingles and eat it from the inside. Later the entire roof gives in to the overgrowth and crumbles soon. To avoid that, you can follow the following three tips and secure your roof against moss attack.

1. Do not use power washer
The temptation to use a power washer to remove moss is quite obvious. But beware before you take that step, Roofing Contractors in Highland Village, TX advises. Power washers can damage the shingles and leave your roof weaker and more moisture-laden than before.

2. Clear out the debris and plants
Often when you opt for Roof Repair in Highland Village Tx, you will find out that the root cause of moss growth is accumulation of dirt and debris in your gutters and cracks of the roof. When it rains or the weather has a lot of moisture, the sugars and nutrients from the horticulture waste is enough to feed moss growth. To avoid that, you must clear out the debris from your gutters and roof.

3. Inspect your roof shingles regularly
Often the outer appearance of the shingles can be deceptive. Check if the moss growth has seeped into your shingles. A better option than taking a ladder and playing the climbing game is to get an expert on board. With a professional roofer, you will avail superior inspection of your roof.

Highland Village Roofing Pro is a fully licensed company with completely insured roof repair and replacement services. The team consists of seasoned and highly skilled professionals that will fix any kind of roofing issue you have. Call today for a quick consultation and save your time and effort.

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