Your house is an asset worth showing. The investment in house’s external aesthetics becomes a crucial factor that determines its value. With real estate boom taking the region by storm, houses sell quicker and better when what appears to the eye is trendy and modern in style. Since your garage forms a major part of your curb appeal it becomes important that you select the best when it comes to your garage door.

Garage door comes in the following broad types:

Slide out, slide up: In this type of garage doors, the garage panel that is the whole door slides up or slides out manually or via remote-controlled operation. Easy to install and maintain, this type of garage doors are preferred houses with little budget constraint. Another advantage of this type of garage doors is the lesser need for extra construction of sliding equipment. Another variant of this type of garage doors is the carriage house type garage doors. These are basically used where the garage mouth is much wider then the traditional size.

Roll up: In this type of garage doors, isometric panels of wood or metal are placed side to side to make a complete garage door. Just collection of panels then rolls up into a metallic slider preferably installed on the garage ceiling or into a shutter case installed just above the door. Though this type of garage doors take comparatively more time to install, but they can be customised from panel to panel. Suitable for houses with a knack for modern style, these come with a higher price range.

The above type of garage doors can be made out of various materials also. First there is the traditional wood which requires high maintenance and is susceptible to damage. Then comes lightweight aluminum that has the advantage of customizability and easy maintenance.

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