If you discuss about the common problems in wooden fences, then rot and insect damage is the first thing that would come into your mind. But, there is one more issue that also causes a lot of trouble. 

It is the cracking and splitting of the wooden fence that you may not have thought about. Cracking of the fence can severely hamper the integrity of the fence and cause a lot of problems to you. 

So, it is important that proper inspection is done from time to time from a good fencing company. 

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Let us know look at the reasons why wooden fences crack and how you can overcome this problem.

Why do wooden fences crack? 

Checks are deemed as one of the common types of cracks that occur in the wooden fence. 

Checks are generally formed because the inside part of the wood dries quite slowly as compared to the outer surface. 

In general, most of the checks are 3/16” in width and 4” long and these small imperfections don’t have much of an impact on the structural integrity of the fence. 

However, if you notice that cracks are growing larger then it can be a sign of worry. 

In addition, a lot of homeowners don’t like the appearance once the wooden fence begin to crack. 

How to select the wooden fence materials that don’t crack?

Cracks generally occurs due to seasoning of the wood. So, it is important to select a wooden fence material that has already been seasoned to avoid the problems of checks. 

On the contrary, if unseasoned wooden material is used, then there is a great probability that checks would be formed. 

Also, once you are getting your fence installed, it is important that you select a good quality of wood and ensure that the installation is done in a proper manner. 

If thinner piece of wood is used, then the chances of splitting increases. 

Screws are considered a much appropriate method of fence installation as compared to nails. But, it is important that you do it right as splitting problems can be occurred in both nails and screws. 

The best thing that you can do is pre-drill the holes before you insert the screws or nails. You should keep one thing in mind that both screws and nails can crack the boards if they are forced or overdriven into the wood. 

Also, both of them can possibly cause splits if they are placed too closely to the board edge. 

Final takeaway 

If you properly maintain and take care of your wooden fence, then a lot of problems can be easily prevented. 

However, cracks in the boards of the fence has a lot to do with installation and wood selection than anything else.

Just in case cracks have occurred and if you want to temporarily fix the cracks, then wood putty or epoxy can work out for you but it may not address the problem in the long run. 

Additionally, if you notice that the fence boards has severely cracked or warped, then it is very important that you replace it with a new one.  

Make sure that you get in touch with a good fence company such as Highland Village Roofing Pro for regular maintenance of your wooden fence.

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